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The Mechanic Houston  Auto shop is an Automotive repair shop located in Houston, Texas. We specialize in automotive repairs, and are able to handle anything from a simple oil change to the most complex engine work!

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All services include basics, such as topping up important fluids and checking/adjusting tire pressures. Labor guaranteed.


Mechanic Houston Services


Our Most Popular Services:


The Auto Shop provides a wide range of repair services for both import and domestic automotive brake systems at our auto repair shop in Houston . Every auto mechanic at our Houston shop knows it is important that you understand how the brake system in your car or truck plays a vital role in keeping your passengers and you safe. The components in the automotive brake system are not designed to last for the life of your vehicle 

Cooling system service

The Auto Shop is the leading auto repair specialist in Houston for the service, repair, and replacement of automotive cooling system components. The mechanic staff at our Houston automotive repair shop knows how important a role the cooling system in your car or truck plays in your engine’s longevity and your vehicle’s overall dependability as you drive in an around Houston . 


The Auto Shop provides a wide range of services for auto suspension and steering at our auto repair shop in Houston . The suspension in your car or truck is an intricately networked series of cooperating parts that are intended to provide an even, stable, and smooth ride. The suspension system in your vehicle takes a considerable amount of road abuse you experience in Houston and as such many of the suspension system’s components will wear out if not even break as a result.


A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the wheels of your vehicle so that all wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Three basic angles contribute to proper wheel alignment: camber, caster, and toe. Camber is the measure of the degree of perpendicular offset from the road surface. Caster is the angle of your wheel’s pivot, which is attached to the suspension, and when this angle is out of alignment, straight-line tracking is affected.